I hate fringebloggers aka you can’t like Joshua Jackson

This site is perhaps the WORST fringe website. They are nasty and rude towards josh, Seth, jasika, anybody who ISN’T ANNA TORV. They criticize the fans for even voting for him!!!


ML- calls Peter boring and shouldn’t get his moment to shine.

williamsreturn This bastard is a complete and utter asshole. He accuses people of voting for Peter as crazy and we keep voting for him all. the time. We vote for him because we FUCKING LIKE HIM you asshole. You wouldn’t be criticizing those “crazy” Anna Torv fans for voting her. we voted for Peter because we enjoyed watching Peter SHINE.whether it be playing an observer or getting great emotional moments oh but i suppose anna is the only person who is allowed to shine. asshole.,

Lost_stef- too obsessed with anna torv to appreciate anybody else

mj102 or whatever her name is – Criticizes Josh’s acting all the time.

Scully8- criticizes Seth Gabel and doesn’t “buy” him being a badass but he can certainly buy a blonde twig who needs a damn STUNT DOUBLE to do her work as “badass”. In fact, they criticized Joshua Jackson for not being “badass” because of his baby face. Oh but people can buy a bunch of skinny women who probably never took a karate class in their lives as badass.. Fuck, at ;least Lucy Lawless from Xena actually HAD A BODY.

The Anna Torv fangirls on this website are perhaps the least respectful fanbase ever, They ignore everybody else,

so Fringebloggers, go to hell.